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Anthony Morris
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United States
Welcome, all you wonderful (and not so wonderful) people of the Internet! My name is Anthony "EonMon" Morris. I'm an amateur artist and design student. On here, you will see an assortment of artwork done by me. Ranging from artwork of my characters, to contest work, and maybe even design work I do in my classes. Anyway, have fun and enjoy your stay!


Scott Pilgrim - Type Face by EonMon
Scott Pilgrim - Type Face
This is a project I did in school in which we took a character and recreated them with type. I choose Scott Pilgrim, and the image of him I used was from the cover of the final volume in the Scott Pilgrim series, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour. This thing took me like, 12 hours at least. It was also one of the first serious projects I did in Adobe Illustrator (which I love, by the way). The fonts I used are Myriad Pro Bold SemiCondensed and Feast of Flesh BB Italic.

P.S. Sorry for the HUGE file, it's rather hard to read when it's smaller.
    Hi, guys. It's been a while, hasn't it? Unfortunately, as you probably guessed, my patience with DeviantArt ran thin a while ago and I simply stopped updating the page. Life caught up to me with college and stuff also. Recently, however, I had a sudden urge to come back. Mostly, I missed having people see my artwork, and awesome Deviants such as my good pal DragonLordFrankie. So... do I intend on updating my profile? Possibly. Do I intend on uploading some new artwork? Possibly.
Am I writing this completely in Stream of Consciousness? Again, possibly. Everything on this site is basically all up in the air for now. I don't know if I will come back or not,
but I'm sure the community would welcome me back with open arms.

    Anyway, this IS called the Ramblings of a blah blah blah, right? So I might as well get on with the rambling. So, what's been happening with me? Not too much. I
started college at a school called Bradford in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm going for 18 months to get a degree in Graphic Design & Management. I've been learning a lot about
typography and letters. It's a really interesting subject, surprisingly. I'll also be learning more about design and color theory soon, too. I've also made a lot more friends in
college too, so that's always awesome. We have a posse of about 9-11 people, which is more than the amount of friends I had in High School all in one group! I've also
had a lot of projects in my art classes that have been kicking my butt, haha. The deadlines are so short, I can't work at the dorms because of distractions, and I set
myself up to fail by getting too ambitious with my artwork. Overall, though, I feel like it's really making me push my limits and create some really good work.

    Philosophy is also a very interesting topic to me. As some of you may know (or may not know, I really have no idea), I am an atheist. Unfortunately, my lack of belief is
something I must keep closeted from my family. I'm dependent on my parents, and I have no idea how they may react to my disbelief. I doubt it would be anything TOO
major, but you never know what may happen with such touchy subjects as religion. I am also having questions come up that I am philosophically indecisive about, which is
infuriating. I hate not knowing how I feel on these topics, and it kills me on the inside (but not really). It's also frustrating not knowing anyone who is comfortable talking
deep subjects with in person. Most people just shy away from the idea of these talks, as they can get rather heated. Not that it really matters. I get nervous and my
heart races when I talk subjects like this, so I wouldn't be good at these kinds of talks anyway.

    Anyway, I have much more I wish to talk about, but I've already written a bit of a novel, and I suppose now is not the time nor the place for this, so...
        I may or may not be back on DeviantArt and I am having general life disgruntlement.
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